Collaborative Learning : Chemistry Activities

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Description: Inspired by time-lapse photos of decaying fruit, this activity has been adapted to a ‘do it yourself’ version. Pupils can collect pictures or even use real items to assemble their own ‘game boards’ and try the activity out on each other. In many cases the process of making the game is in itself a fruitful activity, which stimulates thought and discussion. We have provided a sample board with pictures as a starting point for this game.

Learning Outcomes: Pupils will be able to describe rates of decay in detail, research and narrate their findings.


Description: Sorting and classifying are important parts of science and in this activity we have  concentrated on the different physical qualities of everyday objects. If you add different sets of object pictures or translate the game into different languages please send them to the address below for expanding our library.

Learning Outcomes: Pupils will be able to define and describe the different qualities objects have.


Description: We are always trying to think of activities to make revision fun and this is essentially such an activity turned into an interactive game.  For students to further test their knowledge we have also included an Elements Quiz.

Learning Outcomes: Students will have increased their knowledge of the twelve elements featured in this activity.

Burning Dominoes

Description: This dominoes activity is designed to consolidate the spelling and meanings of scientific vocabulary.
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify the different types of chemical reactions and their meanings.

Acid and Alkalis

Description: This matching activity is designed to enable students to understand the nature of the continuum from strong acid through neutral substance to strong alkali and it encourages pupils to work collaboratively to complete their task.
Learning Outcomes: Students will have reinforced their knowledge of the relationship
between substance description, pH number and universal indicator colour.