My Talking PHOTO Books

Create a sumptuous memento of one of the biggest occasions in your life.

My TalkingPhotoBook is the world’s first printing system to give high resolution photo-quality pictures in books that speak. Imagine your  own picture record of school term or event in one book which speaks.  Download the FREE software and start to insert your photographs. Enlarge them, go across the binding, change the layout, add text,  change the background colour. You start with some prescribed designs but can change as much as you wish. Then also start to collect audio sounds - singing, friends talking, class teacher saying things about you and your work... Take home a great album of your time at school this year for family and friends to browse through at will, easily. Then with the TalkingPEN's listen to the sound tracks on every page.

Personalisation is the key to this outstanding product

Drop your high resolution, professionally taken photographs into a folder, select the number of pages and ‘MyTalkingPhoto’ software will automatically roll out the photos onto the pages. Change and replace, resize and crop to your heart’s content. Then decide what to order: one or multiple copies in different sizes and bindings, see the pricing options and then press “Go”!

The end to end production process is simple

In two weeks we will deliver the books you ordered with our TalkingPENs. One pen for each book. With our simple MantraLINK software you can link sound recordings instantly to any page, make as many changes as you wish, and immediately enjoy the memories of the auspicious day. Have separate audios: friends, peers and family for you; family, extended family and parents for Grandma! The recordings can even be personalised for each recipient. 

 My TalkingPHOTO Books FREE software would be available to download in Mid-April2012.