How Schools Work: an audio visual explanation

 A fantastic talking resource that explains to new arrivals and their parents how a primary school works. Simply touch the language and then the room or objects inside a room and you will hear an explanation, either in English or their home language:  Reception, Library, Classroom, Hall, Canteen, Playground, Teachers etc. There is also useful information in various languages about: Assessment, Curriculum, Reports, Rewards, Clubs, Homework, Uniform, Prospectus, Parents' meetings, Getting involved.

How Schools Work is available in 22 audio languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Czech, Farsi, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Nepali, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Somali, Spanish, Sylheti, Turkish, Urdu. You can flip between languages instantly and the poster is also a good way for people to learn the English for things around them.

The A2 size poster (60cm by 42cm - about 2ft by 16in) in English is available at £2.00 and each language audio file is £6.00. To order the poster select the "book" section below; to select the audio file for Recorder or PENpal or MagicPEN, select the "audio file" section and choose the language you want.