The RecorderPEN brings sound to paper. When the pen touches a poster or a book that is pen-enabled, it speaks. The pen detects soundspots on any page in a book or on any graphics on the poster and plays back narrations, questions, answers, quizzes, music or sound effects - whatever audio has been pre-programmed into the paper.

The RecorderPEN doesn't just play back pre-recorded sound. You can use the pen to record yourself, or let children record themselves, and listen to recordings instantly. Simply switch to the recording function, touch a soundspot and record and save. This is a fantastic way to improve speaking, listening and storytelling skills. Children can re-tell the stories in books, and with our Talking Stickers, they can add content to anything: posters, books, puppets...

This extremely exciting new resource can be used in countless ways. It's fantastic for EAL: parents can record in their own language for children, and teachers can customise their resources to make them fully inclusive. We have products for children aged 4 - adult, and Talking Stickers which can be used to customise resources for any age-group -- they're even useful for adult learning. 

Here are some suggestions for the use of the RecorderPEN and sticky labels for creating customised materials for new arrival EAL learners - audio recordings can be in English and a range of other languages pertinent to the school context e.g.

- Talking uniform - what is needed for day to day, for PE, where to purchase etc
- Audio/Visual timetable - who the teachers are, how to find places, what the subjects are about etc
- Map of school - key points explained orally
- Dual-language equipment lists
- Translation of important forms - medical, ethnic monitoring etc...
- Explanations of rules                

This Product has been replaced by our new product PENpal. Click here to view the all new "PENpal"