Interactive Science Posters

This pack includes 20 colourful, interactive, laminated A3 posters full of information and interactive games to support the learning of science. Key concepts in biology, chemistry and physics are explained and reinforced. The pack also includes a chart with in-depth explanations of complicated scientific terms that can be heard at the touch of the RecorderPEN.
The 4 Science Investigation Posters explore the full cycle of scientific investigation, from planning, manipulating data, evaluation to
writing up results, giving instructions and definitions. Children can record answers and ideas into the charts.
 You can record onto any of the many soundspots on each poster, to create your own layers of information. This is an ideal way to create your own science resources to suit the needs of your children. You can also share your recordings with other parents or teachers. Just upload them to your computer and then download them onto another pen.
 There are 2 CD Roms with detailed interactive animations which bring science to life. Find engaging questions and activities including drag and drop, text fill and multiple choice – ideal to test understanding and for revision.