Talking Phonics Pack

This beautifully illustrated resource is packed with sounds, songs and games, all designedto support practitioners and parents when teaching the very earliest stages of reading and listening. The TalkingPEN gives instant access to a huge range of sounds; children will love exploring the charts and cards, while developing their sound discrimination skills. Children are encouraged to make their own recordings, listening to sounds and then recording their own versions.

The pack is designed to support children aged three to five in the first phase of the Government’s phonics guidance document, Letters and Sounds. It is an exciting way of bringing alive the development of early phonics and reading skills. The pack provides guidance for teachers and parents. It is suitable for any child learning the essentials of sound discrimination; the technology is appealing to children of all ages and abilities, perfect for children with Special Educational Needs



The pack includes:

  • 8 charts
  • 6 game boards
  • 36 flashcards • 2 Talking books
  • 1 set of recordable labels
  • puppet
  • 16-page guidance booklet

Talking Phonics has just won the gold award at the UK's Practical Pre-School Awards
The testers said: "Outstanding product. It can be used in large or small groups, or by a single child. It includes lovely stories and fantastic games. The childrn were fully involved with this product and showed 100% interest; the sound cards being the most popular component. The talking stickers with voice recording can be placed on any book to aid the children when they are struggling. It meets all areas of the EYFS; the resources allow you to exten this learning further and further. With ECAT being introduced to childcare this year, Talking Phonics is a fantastic pack to own."