Collaborative Learning : PSHE Activities

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Another Nail

Description: There are many health risks and dangers in the everyday environment both here and abroad, and they are not always obvious. Our aim is for students to become aware of and discuss health risks through stimulating game activities.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate a greater understanding of environmental factors that affect people’s health.

Queasy Tum

Description: Food poisoning can make people very ill or even kill them, so it is important for students to learn food hygiene. The cards in this game give various scenarios and students will discover which ones will make them ill.

Learning Outcomes: students will have gained knowledge of the factors that can cause food poisoning.


Healthy Eating Dominoes

 Description: Making pupils aware of the quality of the food they eat and the impact on their health, is very important, especcially with the rise in obesity. The sorting and domino games will give pupils a great understanding of the content of some of their food and can be a starting point for discussion on healthy eating.

Learning Outcomes: Pupils will have gaind an understanding of the fat, sugar and fiber content of the food they eat.

Health Game

Description: We all have a choice in the food we eat and making students aware of the quality of their food and the impact it can have on their health is very important, especially with the increase in obesity.

Learning Outcomes: Students will have gained an understanding of the choices they make about the food they eat.

Accident at Home

Description: They say that cats have nine lives but even cats can be injured. Many careless accidents happen in the home so we have designed this game to give students a greater awareness of health and safety.

Learning Outcomes: Students will have gained an understanding of what might or might not cause an accident in the home.